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Rise Women 21 Day Cleanse
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Do you struggle with Indigestion, bloating, sugar cravings, acne, skin rashes, lack of energy, dependency on caffeine for energy, fluid retention, headaches, brain fog, mood swings, irritability, feeling physically depleted, struggling to sleep well?

If you answered YES to any of those, this 21 day Cleanse is for YOU!!!!

Contact allison@risewomenwellness and/or Irmari@risewomenwellness.com for next start date. Cleanses start each month.

The cost is $147 per person


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It’s time to discover what has been stopping you, slowing you down and preventing you from achieving and maintaining a balanced healthy life.


the rise women way

Uncover how to balance your life so you can rise to your best Physical, Nutritional, Mental and Spiritual health. 


Our Founders


Allison Seller

Rise Women Wellness was a dream of mine for many years but not until recently when I made the decision to turn my dream into a goal and implement action steps towards achieving it did it become real. I am so blessed to have partnered with Irmari Basson, a friend, spiritual health leader and a women who brings the same passion as I to help women Rise to their optimal wellness. 


I am a certified Health & Wellness Coach specializing in women’s health. With a background in Nutrition and Mindset Coaching I help women to achieve their optimal health, lose weight, increase energy levels, regulate their hormone levels and eat healthier to maintain a balanced mood with my 1-on-1 personalized nutrition and group programs. 

I attend the Health Coach Institute and have worked within Canadian Pharmacy to deepen my understanding of proactive vs reactive health.

I have furthered my education through the Health Coach Institute, with their HMBA Mastery Program and Advanced Nutrition Protocols: Infertility with Dr. Stephanie Daniel, Emotional Eating with Dr. Michelle May and Hormonal Imbalance with Dr. Anna Cabeca. I’m a Certified personal trainer and work along side my husband at Commit 2 Fit Club and am one of the Founders of Rise Women Wellness and the founder of Healing Nutrition Lab.


Irmari Basson

I am so excited to be part of Rise Women Wellness. Finding balance in our lives as women is SO key. We are all constantly giving, spreading ourselves thin and neglecting ourselves. I used to think caring for myself is selfish, being a powerful selfless women surely must mean sacrificing all my own needs to put others first?! Until we run dry… I believe that self care is not selfish, instead it is exactly what allows us as women to give more generously. I am passionate to see women be all they were created to be. God has a huge plan for your life and you are enough. 


I have been counselling people for 12 years but longed for more tools to see people be able to apply sustainable structures to their health, their relationships and their goals. This took me back to school to become a master of habit change. I am a certified Health and Life Coach through the Health Coach Institute. I feel that my years of counselling people to deepen their relationship with God to understand their identity and purpose has played a huge role in the knowledge I now have to help more women. I believe that we can do all the work in our physical, nutritional and mental health, but without a deeper revelation of who we were created to be as spiritual beings, we will never find true fulfillment. Together with my husband we planted Pneuma Church in 2009, a non-denominational church in Ladner, BC Canada. 


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Client Reviews

After our very first meeting I left with revelation. We hadn’t even decided if we would work together, but the heart of Rise Women Wellness is to see women’s lives changed and so every word they speak is birthed out of care and intentionality. I’m looking forward to my journey to a healthy me.
— Stacey Rose
Almost 90 days now from when my program ended, the tools, values and habits I have developed throughout my 90-day journey are still very much alive in me. I told Allison that I want longevity and achieving that is exactly what she helped equip me with. My journey didn’t end when my 90-day program ended. It’s a journey for life.
— Flor Salvosa